Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Body Shop Mobile App Launching and Get Freebie


Recently, it has flagged off its official mobile app and trust me, this is something you don't want to miss.

In the effort to improve THE BODY SHOP valued customer's experience, this mobile application enables you to enjoy exclusive in-app promotions, getting the product release updates and current store events. That's not all, you can now check your membership points anytime and anywhere!

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Seret Letter to Santa Althea

Dear Santa Althea,
I hope you received this letter in pink of health.
A little bird told me not too long ago that you have migrated from Finland down to Gangnam-gu. Back then, I could not understand but now I figured that it could due to Mrs Althea being tired of waiting for her usual supply of Christmas Handcream set and the Green Tea Seed Cream from Innisfree. Yes, cold winter can get very dry sometimes especially in the home where you used to stay. I hope Mrs Althea is happier now :)
As you know Christmas is coming (The main agenda in your wonderful calender), I just want to tell you what a good girl I have been this year. Only recently I have completed my Bachelors in Degree and scored well. That's an A! My boss was also very happy with the work I do and awarded me as one of the Outstanding Employees in Lala Company. This year is also the year I finally stop procrastinating and start working to a healthier me! Have I told you about my Yoga classes? You should join me next time as all those sudden-whip-lash-reindeer-sleigh-riding will do no good to your neck.
I was taught asking for presents is not a good habit, but I supposed a little reward for the good achievements wouldn't hurt much? Just 4 items pretty please? I promise I will be a better girl  next year *blink blink sparkly eyes*
I have always wanted the Laneige [Holiday] BB Cushion Whitening as it reminds beautifully of the galaxy (only that its in gorgeous pink) and the packaging is enough to get any girl swooning. I have checked out countless of Laneige outlets when I first heard of it's launching but it ran out so fast. It doesn't take much of a guessing what happened when I realized these were on your Althea store as well.

Dear Santa, you have always heard of my baby cheeks. I do not know if it should be a compliment as many times I succeeded of blending into the younger kids without much afford but that earned me some not so nice comments as well. I have been very brave in tackling those situation but a contouring palatte might just help.

The A:CONCEPT's A: Shape of My Face Triple Contour have a soft curve that helps to smoothen out the harsh edges and makes shading more natural looking. This palatte doubles up as a good brow palatte and hair line shader as well, which make it a must have item.
The next item on my want-list would be the Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek Trio from SkinFood! These were like the most handy beauty product as it fits perfectly into your palm and you can use it on both cheeks and lips (less one item to carry in the makeup pouch). Knowing this is from SkinFood, I can rest assured my skin would be very well nourished. The #2 Starwberry range such a versatile color and just brings out the christmasy mood in everyone. <3

Looking good in makeup is incomplete without beautiful hair. So dear Santa Althea, please drop me a pack of the CP-1 Protein Clinic. I love this product so much as it rejuvenates my hair condition after all the har perms and colorings. Practical items also make great gifts, don't you agree Mr Althea?

If you fancy, warm cocoa drink and chocolate cookies are always ready for you at my cozy little home.
**P/s: No, I am a good girl, I don't bribe ;P

For you naughty children who just peered into my Secret Letter to Santa Althea, *just joking*.
You can check out more of Althea products here at the link below.
They are having promo of RM30 off RM100 for those who download their mobile app (available on Android / iOS),
just enter "MOBFIRST30" before you cart out.**
**T&C applies.
Website | Facebook | Instalgram

From a 'good' little girl


Monday, 12 December 2016

[SHOPPING] Top 5 Must-Have during Lazada's 12.12 Online Revolution

Yup. After all the hypes over the social medias, Lazada's 12.12 is finally here!
I am already very overwhelmed by the jaw-dropping prices and it takes much self-control to spend impulsively XD. If you are lost on what to get, here are some suggestions that might just help you.

No #5 Yoga Mat

2017 is just a step away and if you have not fulfilled your 2016's resolution, might as well start now. Nothing is more important than health and doing yoga helps to reduce back pains and relieve stresses (Very common problems faced by white collars of today).
Get it Here

No #4 Ultra Dual Drive

With our smart phones getting more advance and face the fact, we can no longer avoid taking #OOTD and #FoodPorn pictures before we feed ourselves, this little fella will come in great handy. Measuring at only 3cm x 2.5 cm x 1.1cm, the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 32GB instantly free up space on your Android phone plus, it's so small you can store it in your wallet!
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 32GB : Link
If you are using iOS, here is another Dual Drive you can consider.

No #3 Posture Corrector Seat

Sit up straight NOW if you are slouching!
Did I caught you? XD Slouching is a bad habit that will in long term, give you backpain. BackJoy Posture Corrector Seat as it's name says, forces you to sit in a correct posture and now they are having 60% off! (Original price RM300). Interested? Here is the Link

No #2 AirFryer

All Malaysians were taken by surprise when it was anounced the cooking oil subsidy will be removed. But fret not! The Philips AirFryer TurboStar HD 9623 with Grill Pan could be your next best friend as it will keep the heart diseases at bay and save your hard earn pennies. Besides having to save up to 38%, this airfryer comes with a grill pan & FREE Baking tray. *I am a sucker for free stuffs lD*. Get it here.

No #1 Barista Maker
Now this is dedicated to all coffee lovers. If you enjoy coffee, you will love this as much. At a touch of a button , you can now enjoy Latte, CappuccAmericano, Lungo and even Expresso from the comfort of your home with none other than Nescafe Gold Barista Maker. I have done some survey, Lazada offers this adrenaline supplier at lowest price and gives out one NESCAFÉ Gold  Jar200g + one NESCAFÉ Refill Pack 170g for absolutely FREE!
Check the Link here!
Tell me your thoughts on your Must-Have list :)

Use the Voucher code "IMPANDA" to enjoy RM10 off with minimum purchase of RM40 with Food Panda*
*Valid till 31st December 2016

Enter "AFFqqfsgv" during cart out for RM11 off with Lazada Malaysia**
**Valid till 14th December 2016. ONE (1) time redemption per account only.


Sunday, 11 December 2016

[SHOPPING] Lazada's 12.12 Online Revolution is Here! (Sales up to 93%!)

Hello everyone! After a short introduction on Lazada's Online Revolution here, today I am going to share on the unboxing of my Box of Joy *yeay*

Send a jolly Box of Joy to your friends and family today.

Christmas gift arrived early! Thank you Lazada Malaysia <3
When the parcel arrives, I could barely sit still.
The first item itself is already unbelievable. Who would ever imagine of receiving a Visual Reality Glasses for Christmas present! A handy water bottle to keep you hydrated and carrier. That is very thoughtful of you, Lazada, VR Box and Nestle <3
Get your game-enthusiast friend a VR Glasses here.

Box of Joy packed with gifts for everyone in the family!
As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, Lazada's this year theme, "Brands for All", represents Lazada as a one-stop platform for Malaysian's favourite brands of all ages. Among the participating brands collaborating with Lazada are Drypers, MamyPoko, Nestle, VR Box, Maggi, SanDisk,  Nescafe and Food Panda.

The next items in the box are products suitable for infants to toddlers. Planning to get something for a new member in the family? You can check items above and more at the links below.
1. Drypers Touch for Newborns: Link
2. Nestle Cerelac NutriPuffs: Link
3. MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes: Link

This cute soft toy panda would certainly make a little girl's smile.
1. Soft toy panda: Link
2. Virtual Reality Glasses: Link

If you know someone who loves photography, the Sandisk memory card will make a suitable gift.
Sandisk memory card: Link
Christmas is not complete without food. Get something for everyone from Nestle and Maggi. :)
Maggi OatMee Curry Flavour: Link
Maggi Royale White TomYam: Link
Nestle Just Milk: Link
Nescafe White Coffee Pandan Flavour for the coffee lovers: Link

So that is all in my Box of Joy.

Personally, I find this box from Lazada is a practical and thoughful gift. As everything in the box is be suitable for all ages, this box is the perfect gift for Christmas.

Use the Voucher code "IMPANDA" to enjoy RM10 off with minimum purchase of RM40 with Food Panda*
*Valid till 31st December 2016

Enter "AFFqqfsgv" during cart out for RM11 off with Lazada Malaysia**
**Valid till 14th December 2016. ONE (1) time redemption per account only.


Friday, 9 December 2016

[SHOPPING] Box of Joy from Lazada Online Revolution

The season of giving is here and with sales everywhere, this year we can get everyone two presents instead of just one. I am going to share about Lazada Malaysia, one of my favourite online shopping platforms.  Who can resist remarkable price slash for everything you can think of not just during seasonal sales but throughout the whole year!

It's only last November, Lazada Malaysia launched its 5th Online Revolution which will takes place between 11th November to 14th December 2016. With over a 1,000 brands and 55,000 international and homegrown merchants, it is not surprising Lazada Online Revolution is 2016's biggest online shopping event in SEA. This year's Online Revolution theme is "Brands for All", representing Lazada as a one-stop platform for your's favourite brands.

Never fail to surprise, Lazada Malaysia delivers to my door the Box of Joy, containing useful products from renown brands such as Nestle, SanDisk, Drypers, Mamy Poke and Maggi.
Shopping can never be easier as all these brands and products are now available on Lazada.

I will share more on the unboxing of Box of Joy in my next coming post, so stay tune. :)
In the meantime, remember to check out Lazada's website as its's only 2 days away from 2016's largest final sale which will be held on 12.12! They have discounts up to 95% for almost everything and this should never be missed!
I am definitely getting myself some sports equipment to create a healthier me in year 2017!

Enter "AFFqqfsgv" during cart out for RM11 off
**Valid till 14th December. ONE (1) time redemption per account only.



Thursday, 8 December 2016

[REVIEW] Calm Irritable Skin with PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera

We all know that the amazing healing properties of the aloe vera plant and it felt almost not too long ago, mom rubbed a slice of the clear aloe vera gel on painful sunburns.
Rich in Vitamin C and polysaccharides, it is proven to boost immunity, wonderful detox and antioxidant agent. Did I mention it is a beauty savior too?

Recently, I had the chance to try out the Facial Night Jelly from PSK; a Taiwan skin care brand.
Although they have a wide range of cosmetic and skin care products, I was particularly attracted to the aloe vera series due to my skin increased sensitivity (kitchen being renovated as I type).
The 3 key ingredients in this Aloe Vera Facial Night Jelly are Pentavitin, Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera Extract. These moisturizing ingredients when combined with Co-enzyme Q10 nourishes the skin, reducing wrinkles appearance.

Instructions on usage behind the packaging.


The packaging is different from the usual large tub container and personally, I prefer it this way as it is more hygenic with lesser risk of contamination. The smaller volume and tube design also allows easier storage, especially when it comes to fluid restriction in aircraft cabin.

One thing that I come to notice is that PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera has a thicker texture in comparison to the aloe vera soothing gels that I usually use. Although it has a denser texture, I had no issue in spreading it on my skin. It smells pleasant and also, non-greasy to touch which is a great relief (creamy type doesn't work well on my combination skin). To increase the cooling sensation of the gel, I stored this product in the refrigerator and the comfort is beyond words.

As for the effectiveness of the Aloe Vera Night Jelly, my skin felt less itchy and smoother the next morning as it soothes the sensative area. It is also gentle to my sensitive skin; I had no breakout when using it. However, there are no visible pore size reduction after 1 week of usage (my pore size is rather big due to my skin type and that can influence the product outcome). The price is slightly higher than it's competitors but considering the additional vitamin of Q10, it is acceptable in my opinion.

BRAND LINE PSK Facial Night Jelly with Aloe Vera
CONTENT3.5Oz/ 100mL
PriceRM 90.00


Monday, 5 December 2016

[EVENT] Christmas Cupcake Workshop with Nineteen Culinary Studio

Last week, The Butterfly Project had a bonding time the muffin way At 19 Culinary Studio. This activity is one way to know each other better through a common passion besides blogging; Baking!
I must express gratitude to the beautiful people behind the scene (Anis, Sydney and Leonard) in connecting us together <3
At 19 Culinary Studio has a real cozy atmosphere to it. You will feel like a professional baker just by stepping into this place (although you may be not one :D)

Shiny baking utensils all in a row, heavy duty electric mixers and ovens, stood before our sight.
How very exciting!

Before the fun lesson start, 20 butterflies (and moths) was divided into a group on 6. Those who love velvet cakes were extremely lucky because that was exactly on the baking syllabus.
Hands up, all Bakers in the house!
Learning were made easy with the ingredients prepared in advance and a handy recipe printout.

A short briefing was given by our baking instructor Ms Suraiya on what to do before allowing us to hands on. The instructions were clear and it is obvious that we were in safe hands as At 19 Culinary Studio's staffs were aways within reach to assist whenever required.
Psst.. they give helpful baking tips too.
Students paying attention to cikgu on How to Bake a Velvet Muffin
Butterflies and moths getting involved in making something delicious
One lesson that I've learnt during the mixing of ingredients was to separate the flour into 3 portions and scatter them each time, rather than pouring the whole bunch of flour onto the butter mixture (which what I've always did in the past). During mixing, it is always advisable not to mix the ingredients for too long as it will work out the dough, making it dense.
Another helpful tip is to refrain dripping the mixture at the sides when filling the papercup as it is burnt easily and is bitter to taste.
Our  group picture together as 'warga emas'
The satisfaction as you watch your muffins rise beautifully can't be describe in words <3

While the muffins are left on the colling rack, we engaged in the next activity which is the decorating part. I have always looked forward to decorating the cupcakes as it involved fine skills and I LOVE doing anything related to arts.

Demonstration on how to make 2D and 3D designs were first shown to help us started.

It is really fun to see everyone showing their creative side in creating the decoration. You should see those cupcakes as some are real inspiration! And lots of thank to Leonard for the awesome cupcake piping. Doesn't lemon cheese cream sounds yummy to you?
All the cupcakes made during the cupcake workshop
Mistletoe, winter scarf and Christmas bell
 To be honest, I am pretty proud with my achievement *ish smacked*
GROs of the workshop activity <3
Someone is enjoying his cupcake :P
At the end of the day, we get to bring home the lovely cupcakes we've made. Yeay!

Although it was raining cats and dogs outside, everyone was beaming when it's time for group picture. It was really a fun time for all of us.

Here are some random selfies spamming :D
With Tammy-san, founder of The Butterfly Project
Sharon Lee and I
Happy moments with Maple
Last but not least, thank you to my awesome chaperon and personal photographer for the awesome company and shoots.
My Bae

I find this place is really enjoyable.
Now the school holidays are here, you can bring your kids, friends and family to have some fun baking activities to keep them occupied. What a memorable way for family-bonding.
For more information, please visit their facebook page.

At Nineteen Culinary Studio
No.19 Jalan Dungun,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone : 6016-3778 236
Fax number : 603-2094 6081
Email :