A Seret Letter to Santa Althea

by - December 21, 2016

Dear Santa Althea,
I hope you received this letter in pink of health.
A little bird told me not too long ago that you have migrated from Finland down to Gangnam-gu. Back then, I could not understand but now I figured that it could due to Mrs Althea being tired of waiting for her usual supply of Christmas Handcream set and the Green Tea Seed Cream from Innisfree. Yes, cold winter can get very dry sometimes especially in the home where you used to stay. I hope Mrs Althea is happier now :)
As you know Christmas is coming (The main agenda in your wonderful calender), I just want to tell you what a good girl I have been this year. Only recently I have completed my Bachelors in Degree and scored well. That's an A! My boss was also very happy with the work I do and awarded me as one of the Outstanding Employees in Lala Company. This year is also the year I finally stop procrastinating and start working to a healthier me! Have I told you about my Yoga classes? You should join me next time as all those sudden-whip-lash-reindeer-sleigh-riding will do no good to your neck.
I was taught asking for presents is not a good habit, but I supposed a little reward for the good achievements wouldn't hurt much? Just 4 items pretty please? I promise I will be a better girl  next year *blink blink sparkly eyes*
I have always wanted the Laneige [Holiday] BB Cushion Whitening as it reminds beautifully of the galaxy (only that its in gorgeous pink) and the packaging is enough to get any girl swooning. I have checked out countless of Laneige outlets when I first heard of it's launching but it ran out so fast. It doesn't take much of a guessing what happened when I realized these were on your Althea store as well.

Dear Santa, you have always heard of my baby cheeks. I do not know if it should be a compliment as many times I succeeded of blending into the younger kids without much afford but that earned me some not so nice comments as well. I have been very brave in tackling those situation but a contouring palatte might just help.

The A:CONCEPT's A: Shape of My Face Triple Contour have a soft curve that helps to smoothen out the harsh edges and makes shading more natural looking. This palatte doubles up as a good brow palatte and hair line shader as well, which make it a must have item.
The next item on my want-list would be the Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek Trio from SkinFood! These were like the most handy beauty product as it fits perfectly into your palm and you can use it on both cheeks and lips (less one item to carry in the makeup pouch). Knowing this is from SkinFood, I can rest assured my skin would be very well nourished. The #2 Starwberry range such a versatile color and just brings out the christmasy mood in everyone. <3

Looking good in makeup is incomplete without beautiful hair. So dear Santa Althea, please drop me a pack of the CP-1 Protein Clinic. I love this product so much as it rejuvenates my hair condition after all the har perms and colorings. Practical items also make great gifts, don't you agree Mr Althea?

If you fancy, warm cocoa drink and chocolate cookies are always ready for you at my cozy little home.
**P/s: No, I am a good girl, I don't bribe ;P

For you naughty children who just peered into my Secret Letter to Santa Althea, *just joking*.
You can check out more of Althea products here at the link below.
They are having promo of RM30 off RM100 for those who download their mobile app (available on Android / iOS),
just enter "MOBFIRST30" before you cart out.**
**T&C applies.
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From a 'good' little girl


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