[SHOPPING] Top 5 Must-Have during Lazada's 12.12 Online Revolution

by - December 12, 2016

Yup. After all the hypes over the social medias, Lazada's 12.12 is finally here!
I am already very overwhelmed by the jaw-dropping prices and it takes much self-control to spend impulsively XD. If you are lost on what to get, here are some suggestions that might just help you.

No #5 Yoga Mat

2017 is just a step away and if you have not fulfilled your 2016's resolution, might as well start now. Nothing is more important than health and doing yoga helps to reduce back pains and relieve stresses (Very common problems faced by white collars of today).
Get it Here

No #4 Ultra Dual Drive

With our smart phones getting more advance and face the fact, we can no longer avoid taking #OOTD and #FoodPorn pictures before we feed ourselves, this little fella will come in great handy. Measuring at only 3cm x 2.5 cm x 1.1cm, the SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 32GB instantly free up space on your Android phone plus, it's so small you can store it in your wallet!
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 32GB : Link
If you are using iOS, here is another Dual Drive you can consider.

No #3 Posture Corrector Seat

Sit up straight NOW if you are slouching!
Did I caught you? XD Slouching is a bad habit that will in long term, give you backpain. BackJoy Posture Corrector Seat as it's name says, forces you to sit in a correct posture and now they are having 60% off! (Original price RM300). Interested? Here is the Link

No #2 AirFryer

All Malaysians were taken by surprise when it was anounced the cooking oil subsidy will be removed. But fret not! The Philips AirFryer TurboStar HD 9623 with Grill Pan could be your next best friend as it will keep the heart diseases at bay and save your hard earn pennies. Besides having to save up to 38%, this airfryer comes with a grill pan & FREE Baking tray. *I am a sucker for free stuffs lD*. Get it here.

No #1 Barista Maker
Now this is dedicated to all coffee lovers. If you enjoy coffee, you will love this as much. At a touch of a button , you can now enjoy Latte, CappuccAmericano, Lungo and even Expresso from the comfort of your home with none other than Nescafe Gold Barista Maker. I have done some survey, Lazada offers this adrenaline supplier at lowest price and gives out one NESCAFÉ Gold  Jar200g + one NESCAFÉ Refill Pack 170g for absolutely FREE!
Check the Link here!
Tell me your thoughts on your Must-Have list :)

Use the Voucher code "IMPANDA" to enjoy RM10 off with minimum purchase of RM40 with Food Panda*
*Valid till 31st December 2016

Enter "AFFqqfsgv" during cart out for RM11 off with Lazada Malaysia**
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