[EVENT] Butterfly Christmas Cupcake Party

by - January 16, 2017

Not too long ago, The Butterfly Project celebrated Christmas together as one big family at the Wondermilk Cafe @ Publika. Here is brief throwback and delicious pictures for your eye candy.

These Party Packs are sweeet reminder from our childhood era, courtesy of Hello Deer

As we enter the venue, we were greated by a mysterious visitor from Korea.
Could this be a hint? Hmmm...

In the arms of our cozy community, all present butterflies and moths mingle; catching up with events in life and sharing laughter.

What is a party without food?
Here at the Wondermilk Cafe, they served delicious and undeniable balance diet to us beauty conscious beings <3 Just adore their Nasi Beriani and the cupcakes!

Selfie first before going into tummy
Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

Leonard capturing the cake cutting moment
Here are some lovely people of The Buttterfly Project that was at the event :)

Sunshine of the event <3 I can't get enough of this cuteness

If you have not met bloggers Rika Jue (Top) and Nicole Yie (Below)

A mandatory picture to take with founder of #ButterflyMsia, Tammy-san <3

The highlight of the Christmas party would definitely be the gift exchange activity.
Thank you Althea Korea and Canmake Malaysia for the surprise!
Uwaaa!! Thank you to my favourite k-beauty online platform, Althea Korea!!! It is almost they could read minds as they pamper us with all these face care beauties! My eyebrow pencil just finished, so the Witch's Pouch Selfie Perfect Eyebrow pencil came in nick of time!

Being a fan of Canmake for their cute beauty product, I was overwhelmed when they too decided to surprise us with their Best Collection of 2016! So much of love from their kawaii Glow Fleur Cheeks blusher to No #1 Marshmallow Finish Powder. Can't wait to sink in <3

To top it off, our most loved Tammy decided to spoil us rotten with a Too Cool ...For School travel pack (including limited edition notepad and pouch) from Korea. Mmuuuaks!<3
After all the pampering (and love), the next gift from her is a DIY planner and half year study blog pace maker to help us keep track of time XD
Arigato gozaimasu Tammy-san <3

Last but not least, a set of lip and face care products from beauty enthusiast, Nicole Yie<3 
Thank you Nicole for these gifts <3

For all the gratitude I can mutter, I must thank Tammy and the team behind this project for bringing us all together once again before 2016 ends. You guys are so awesome!


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