[REVIEW] Inspire BB Cushion by ELMA Cosmetic

by - January 09, 2017

We all love the BB cushion ever since it's awesome invention. I have recently tried out the Inspire BB Cushion by ELMA Cosmetic and it was a pleasant surprise.

 First impression speaks the loudest words. The packaging is very attractive (I am a sucker for colorful packaging lD ) and the BB cushion itself is simple yet packed with the essential informations. The size of the ELMA Inspire BB cushion is just like our ordinary BB cushion size.

 The color tone that I am having here is #01 Light.
(#02 Natural is more suitable for darker skin tone)

Although it looks dark with slight yellow undertone on the picture, it is actually not so obvious when applied on the skin. Frankly after many years of using BB cushion, this is the first time I saw so much of BB content on the cushion puff. Not quite sure if the BB cream is alot or the sponge material is absorbing more of the BB cream than usual cushions :(

I like the coverage it is able to give. Some things are difficult to conceal; eg acne scars and angry pimples but it manage to hides up to 80% . This also made sense to their ideology of the perfect All-in-One beauty product (Foundation+Powder+Concealer+Moisturiser).

Before                                                 After

What I like most about this Inspire BB Cushion is the smell and oil control properties.
Tell me that I am not the only one who loves baby talcum powder; this beauty product fragrance  reminded me of some gentle Johnson & Johnson baby cleanser <3
One reason why I am very selective in my choice of BB cushion is because of my skin type. It is not easy to find one that have mattifying effect or at least reduce shine on face for a longer period but this ELMA cushion has just that (Please refer to the above picture again).

The makeup removal process was a breeze. Just by using simple wet wipes (yes, I didn't use any makeup cleanser), the BB residue is so easily removed. However, I double cleansed with a normal facial cleanser after that as a precaution. Had more enough craters on my face to appreciate.

The active ingredients in this BB cushion possess are Argan Oil and Vitamin E, which aid in healing of damaged skin and as an anti-aging agent. The SPF50 that comes along with it is definitely a plus point. I have yet to witness any miracle changes to my skin but one cannot help to wish, right? :D

Inspire BB Cushion by ELMA Cosmetic is worth just RM65 including postage.
They are currently having FREE POSTAGE for all purchases but it is only until 15th January 2017.

If you are keen in trying them out, do visit their links as below :)


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