Tuesday, 16 May 2017

[REVIEW] Couple Try Out World's Most Painful Face Mask | Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

Today would be all about Blackheads Busting!

Combination skin type and prominent facial pores is the worse combination EVER!
 I used to have those stainless loops sticks to get rid of those stubborn blackheads when I was younger, not knowing that it will leave permanent scarrings due to inexperience. If I had know better..

Whoever who invented the nose pore strips should get an award. Cleaning pores in shorter time and less risk of contamination or injury. I found my favourite brand as it get the job done so well but let's  talk about it next time.

Dubbed as World's Most Painful Facemask, ELIZAVECCA MILKYPIGGY HELL-PORE CLEAN UP MASK got me on my toes, not because I am into S&M *ahem ahem* but