[REVIEW] Couple Try Out World's Most Painful Face Mask | Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask

by - May 16, 2017

Today would be all about Blackheads Busting!

Combination skin type and prominent facial pores is the worse combination EVER!
 I used to have those stainless loops sticks to get rid of those stubborn blackheads when I was younger, not knowing that it will leave permanent scarrings due to inexperience. If I had know better..

Whoever who invented the nose pore strips should get an award. Cleaning pores in shorter time and less risk of contamination or injury. I found my favourite brand as it get the job done so well but let's  talk about it next time.

Dubbed as World's Most Painful Facemask, ELIZAVECCA MILKYPIGGY HELL-PORE CLEAN UP MASK got me on my toes, not because I am into S&M *ahem ahem* but
for the claims it promised. Thank you Althea Korea for sending one over :)

If I could erase off all those scars..

Application on the skin is easy with texture and adherence somewhat similar to glue. Messy fun times :) I find the smell is acceptable but you may want to take note of the slight tinge of alcohol in this product. Although it is recommended to only apply this on nose and T-zone areas, I couldn't be bothered since I had the problems all over. Just take care to not apply it around the eyes.You might want to skip it all together if you have open wounds unless you anticipate the pains of alcohol on them.

Noticable specks of Charcoal Powder

Sensitive skins may feel slight pains at the application stage due to the alcohol content.

Leave it for 15 minutes (or more depending on the environment factors until you feel tightness of the mask on your skin) before the fun painful part! You know you did it right if it comes off in one piece.

[ - R E S U L T S - ]

I am sorry I had to show you some unpleasant upclose pictures but there is no better way to show how effective this mask.
(Results will vary depending on your initial skin condition)

If you have clogged pores on your face generally, this mask will get the job done.  I am very happy it works rather effectively in removing black white heads, dead skins and very fine hairs. Not all but most of them. I was hoping the adhesion is strong enough to wax off my upper lip hair as well, but apparently not.

The painful part really depends on your personal pain tolerance ( My boyfriend who took the challenge with me felt nothing at all! ). But personally, it is nothing I cannot handle. About the score of painscore 2-3, I only felt slight pain during application, and tingling sensations on my face AFTER removing it.

[ - C O N C L U S I O N - ]

I would go for this mask again as it cleans my face from pore deep without leaving scars, with the benefit of pore shrinking with each use and balancing oil control with the natural ingredients of Charcoal, Chinese Peashrub and Camellia.

They are having 50% off for this Hell-Pore Facemask on Althea Korea's website (Original Price is RM76), so if catch it while it last HERE !
Authenticity assured.


RM 76.00 (Now RM 38)

My partner has been extremely sporting in trying out the facemask with me, so you not only get to hear from the girl side, but from the more masculine gender as well. Here is a short clip on our first couple beauty challenge together!

So have you experience the Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask for yourself?
Do share with us your thoughts at the comment section below!

Til next time


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