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by - June 29, 2017

Therapy plays an important role in stress relief and release of endophines aka The Happy Hormone (I mean, that is why we just love shopping, don't we?). Although the meaning behind 1028 Visual Therapy may not carry the same meaning, it still makes any makeup lover happy with it's cute packaging ❤

Yes, today I am going to share on a beauty brand from Taiwan that has just reached our shores.
A little introduction on 1028 Visual Therapy. 1028 products are catered to Asian's unique skin type which is why they have 3 different brand image (Pure White, Cool Black and Lovely Pink) to meet different needs - Meaning behind Visual. 1028 simply carry the beginning of inspiration and as skincare cosmetics, 1028 provides Therapy to each individual with treatment skin care essence in their products.

Before I start on the reviews, my first makeup tutorial is finally live on Youtube!
I created this cute aka Kawaii makeup and Everyday Look by using 1028 Visual Therapy beauty products, , so do check it out.

1028 Macaron Eyeshadow Kit   |   RM69.90 for 2g*6

Literally squeal over this cutesy!❤
I am a sucker for all cute stuffs and anything form of art on metal casing (something to do with childhood memories). They have 2 other eyeshadow kits namely the Mont Blanc and Brownie, but I love this set best! Like who on earth does not love macarons!! <---Sweet tooth confession.

Okay, time for some self-control  😍 This 1028 Macaron Eyeshadow Kit holds 6 sweet shades that would just go along any kinds of daily occasions. The reason why I liked it so much was because they have coral and shimmer pink shades (Both are my favourite shades). The colors are so easy to pick up and absolutely pigmented. Having them in such a compact case is really the next best thing as it makes everything to so convenient. In such a cute casing! ❤

I have done some swatches for your eye candy. First 1-3 swatches for top 3 shades, next 4-6 swatches for bottom 3 shades. You can see these colors can match almost anything in your wardrobe.

All of they shimmer so beautifully in the light ❤

1028 UNSEEN Mesh Compact    |    RM99.90 for 10g

1028 UNSEEN Mesh Compact is actually a duo function powder that comes in a form of foundation which mattifies, providing shine-free coverage. I am actually surprised by it's light-weight formula unlike some thick foundation in tube packaging.  It also contains Vitamin B3 and other moisturizing formula to provide the mositure your skin needs. SPF30 with PA+++ inclusive.

The face puff can pick up quite alot, so go gentle when you use it. As you can see, there is a mesh in the casing which is different to those we have in the market.

Due to it's weightless formula, coverage for angry acnes or scarring can be rather helpless and for this, I had to rely on my old faithful concealer and also 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder (next on the review list) to prevent potential accidents that may result from my reflective shiny forehead (woes of a combination skin). Overall, it does a pretty good job with normal skin type and tbh, my skin felt like it's able to breath for the first time under these foundation.

1029 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder   |   RM29.90 for 4.6g
This is on my next favourite cute beauty product list too! ❤ 
The 1029 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder is a very powderful double mattifying tool with non drying oil control finishing.
I love how it does not darken my skin after long period of wearing with it's mineral based content(some of you might understand what I mean) and seriously in such compact form that sits smaller in your palm, why have they not come out with this earlier?!
 Most of the products either turns my makeup darker with total failed oil-control (which is one reason why I gave up using compact powders) or too big to carry about (I am talking about my current finishing powder from another brand, love-hate relationship > <).
The powder is so smooth to touch and this might just be the time I give compact powder another chance.

1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara
   |   RM59.90 for 8g

Okay, you all know how much emphasize I placed on all my eye makeup products. Be 100% waterproof and tear-proof or they can join the hungry bin. I had an experience with my first non-waterproof mascara when I was tearing alot, couldn't even bother to wipe them off and the bus driver couldn't look at me in the face when I pay him the fare  #MALUTERUK

You can observe the 1028 Big Eyes Magnifier Mascara's wand comes in a cone-shape for the hard-to-reach areas including the lower lash. I find it's indeed clump-free when applying due to it's special formula but I don't think it magnified my lashes up to 5 times, maybe just 3 due to my short & spares lashes 😭
  But I do agree on the fact it's smudge proof and fits my extreme criteria of water and tear-proof PROVIDED that it dries completely before you bat your lashes on those nicely done eyeshadow or be prepared with your touch up kit. Still love it regardlessly. It also contains Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to help repair daily lash damage while strengthening them (See why I love it?)

1028 Ultimate Super Black Eyeliner   |   RM54.90 for 0.55ml

The 1028 Ultimate Super Black Eyeliner comes with the most intense color of Black, which is not as important as the fact it's super water/smudge/tear-proof (I am not lying), with the technology of 3 film-forming polymers that forms a protective film.

I left the drawn macaron on without deliberation to remove it and guess what, it stayed until the next day (with putus-putus drawing but still!)
The ultra-thin felt tip is the winning point of this eyeliner as it functions just like a brush-pen. I mean if you enjoy drawing (which by I mean drawing on your face like how I did below), you would love it too ❤ Highly recommended!

1028 Longwear Eyebrow Definer   |   RM39.90 for 0.4g
Comes in 2 shades, #01 Light Brown and #02 Dark Brown,  the rhombus tip in twist-out pencil allows easy shaping of the eyebrows.

Life is not complete without a groomer for seamless blending, so they have it too but guess what? They even throw in a sharpener too (Just twist out the groomer with the cap on and there you have it!). I wasn't expecting this and have not tried using the sharpener yet since it's still new but they said how you do it is just to twist the pencil to reveal 5mm lead, and then gently slide the pencil along the groove. Sounds simple enough.

And now for the two different looks  💄

If you are want to see more of #1028_my, they are now available at #Watsonsmy physical and online store.

Hope you enjoy my review and makeup tutorial.
Do leave a comment if you like them or tell me what you would like to see in my next post!

Thank you, Butterfly Project Malaysia and 1028 Visual Therapy ❤

1028 Visual Therapy
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