Get bubbly with Bliv O2 Bubbly Bright oxygenating mask [REVIEW]

by - August 28, 2017

I am a huge fan of b.liv and their absolute matte facemask is my favourite among all the other beauty ritual (seriously, you have to try it if you got the chance). They have recently launched a new product, the b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright oxygenating mask and today, I am sharing my thoughts on it.

About b.liv
Pronounced as "believe", b.liv was established in 2009 and dereived from a Cosmaceutical brand. b.liv was created to cater to a strong demand for an easy-to-use and affordable personal skin care regime for the youths of today.

Upon uncapping the the b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright container, you will find a inner lid that prevents oxygenation of the mask and a  little spatula to scoop the mask content.

See the red beads? Those are exfoliator beads.
b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright works by purifying + exfoliating + brightening; All in just 1 tube. How the koreans maintained their soft youthful skin was mainly with rice water, which is highly moisturizing and keeps the skin glowing. By infusing oxygen into the skin, it optimizises the absorption of skincare products and revives dull skin.

Foam start bubbling shortly after application on the skin
How to Use b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright mask?
1. Clean your face before applying a thin layer of the O2 Bubbly Bright mask.
2. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, bubbly foam will appear.
3. Massage once more for deeper cleansing.
4. Rinse with lukewarm water and proceed with remaining skin care steps.

More bubbling

[ R E V I E W ]

The texture of the mask was similar to gel. I kind of like their runny texture for easy application over the skin yet not drippy. The bubbles start forming shortly and it's ticklish yet fun to watch yourself  slowly turning into a evil witch! Muahahaha!
Although I couldn't put my finger on what kind of scent, it is actually very mild and rather natural. The exfoliating beads feels really soft and disintegrate at the lightest pressure that means it's not too harsh for the skin and is only meant for light exfoliation.
Please ignore the wide forehead XD
I do not see much of brightening of my skin (maybe I am already fair myself *ahem ahem* or the acne marks are too angry to be subtle >< ) but one thing I like about this O2 Bubbly Bright is it works really well in moisturizing my skin. After washing the mask off, the heart patch area on my cheeks feels really soft and supple as compared to the rest of the face! I also did not feel any skin tightness that usually means overstripping of the skin hydration.

If there is one thing I could change, I definately hope this facemask comes in a pump bottle rather than a tube. Although I kept the inner lid closed tight after using it, not quite sure how it happens but some of the content still will leak out. When that happens, opening the inner lid can gets rather messy and slippery to pry open. Nevertheless, this is a good facemask that is worth investing in.
O2 bubbly bright

The O2 Bubbly Bright cost RM99 for 50g and is available at all Sasa and selected Watsons outlets as well as online stores (Hermo, 11street, Lazada & Zalora)

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