My Experience with Carbon Therapy at Clinic MF [REVIEW]

by - September 08, 2017

Welcoming place, with relaxing ambiance
A while ago, I had my first experience with Carbon therapy at
Clinic MF aka Marie France Clinic at The Boulevard, Mid Valley.


FDA-approved, Q-SWITCH LASER is among the most advanced laser technology that cleanses out embedded dead cells , which includes both superficial and deep hyper-pigmented conditions.
Beneficial Key Results includes:
                  ❤ Speed up skin renewal process
                  ❤ Minimize pores, refine lines and brighten skin tones
                  ❤ Effectively treats various types of pigmentation
                       eg: aging spots, melasma and vascular lesions
                  ❤ Tattoo Removal

Starting off with a friendly getting-to-know-you interview session with the consultant
Every individual has different skin needs and this interview is where the right treatment is decided and explanation is being made. I appreciate this session because they do not just look at your skin condition but also on your lifestyle habits, hormonal cycle and rule out other potential health problems that you might be having.

Next, they cleansed my face thoroughly before Carbon Therapy. This is important to remove all impurities on the skin and pores for a cleaner outcome.
Duration: 15-20 minutes

Applying the Carbon followed by some serious work in the next picture.

Oh god, need some S.O.S. chin tuck here orz.
You can see the lazer being applied against the carbon with a hand-held vacumn hovering closely to remove any carbon residual .
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Mask time
There are a few things that you should take note of after the procedure.

                         ♡  DO NOT perform suntan/ Tanning beds
                         ♡  DO NOT apply scrub/ exfoliation procedures for the next 2 weeks
                         ♡  DO NOT apply toner for the first 3days
Completing it with moisturizer and sunscreen
Duration: 20-25 minutes

Always remember to keep your skin well hydrated and protected with skin sheild lotions or gel; indoor and oudoor!

 [ R E V I E W ]

Having said this is my first experience with laser, I was pretty nervous throughout this Carbon Therapy. The entire process was relatively quite fast with (thankfully) no hiccups in between, although I would say the laser part is something that you will need to get used to. It wasn't the painful kind of sharp zap; just mild discomfort when it touches sensitive areas such as the nose, lips and surrounding eyes area. Otherwise, you will just feel slight tingling sensation on the rest of the face. The laser on carbon smell reminded  me of something being barbecued *hahaha*.
I really appreciate the way the therapist comforted me by explaining the things she was about to do and constantly reminding me to BREATH instead of holding my breath (I was nervous, ohkay XD).

The Hydrogel Mask that was applied after the therapy was so cool and soothing that takes away all the stress. Almost heavenly.

It was said that the skin will become slighly dry after the therapy but mine was alright as this actually controls the oil production. It wasn't dry but the perfect skin condition for me. How great would it be is my skin condition was like this forever > < Besides that, you can also resume all daily activities immediately, including wearing cosmetics and normal facial (minus the microdermalabrasion products).

I would say at the end of the therapy, everything is worth it as my open pores becomes so much refined (especially those around my nose areas) and the effect lasted me more than 3 weeks. Given the opportunity, I would definitely come back for a better skin outcome.
Please take all my hearts ❤  ❤ 

Thank you Marie France Clinic and Dr Felicia for the delightful service.

The Boulevard, Mid Valley
Atria Shopping Mall

Facebook: @ClinicMF
Instagram: @clinic_mf



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