Sunday, 29 October 2017

#GETACTIVE with Watson's Move Your Body Zumba [ EVENT ]

Wooohoo! Did you have fun last week at the Move Your Body Zumba last week?
Held in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, this largest beach Zumba event was led by International Zumba Instructors from the USA, Canada and South Korea! This 4th year of Zumba event aimed to promote healthy living among citizens and it was so much fun, I can't wait to sign up for my next Zumba class!

Here is some sizzling bits to those who have missed the fun.
Upbeat music, moves and positive vibes that keeps eveyone going

There are many game stalls, lucky draw and stage activities for everyone!
My turn at the "How much is your Mind Concentration" game XD

Huge turn up of crowds at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Pose for the camera!

Everyone having fun together at the glow-in-the-dark theme Zumba event

It's a wrap with some bubbly moments

See you again next year!

#watsonsmoveyourbody #getactive #watsonsmalaysia



Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Laser Hair Removal Review | Premier Clinic TTDI

ARGHH!! I gave up!
I don't mean to sound negative but somethings just cannot be tolerated any longer

It is just too tedious to get rid of those unsightly hairs. Razors makes the skin grow darker with thicker hair while tweezers is just... so time consuming! Not to mention difficult to reach areas (wherever they choose to grow) with my t-rex arms.
Seriously, how can you girls even stand going through this?!

After some time of go-or-not-to-go moments, I decided to give it a try. People have been telling me the risk of burn from laser therapy and honestly I had my doubts but since it's on my leg (not face), I am ready to take any risk.
Those on my legs wasn't that obvious in the beginning but the 6 years old me was so curious with daddy's shaver and BAM! Life sentence. Like Medusa's hair.

Sorry if I didn't post out any 'Before' pictures (Sibeh paiseh loh!) but I can tell you they grow wilder at the shaved part, less on the untouched area and can reach up to freaking 2 centimetres! Conclusion, keep all shavers away from your girls and give them hair education, like how they did with sex education (Hairs look sexy on guys, so it's fine)

Upon arrival at the beauty centre, I was quietly whisked into the waiting room while they make the necessary preparations. About 5 minutes later, it's time for the consultation. Dr Vanessa from Premier Clinic TTDI did some history taking, physical examinations and explained on how the procedure works; risks and all. Of course, I confessed on my eczema on one of my ankles and we both agree on leaving that area out. One thing I appreciate about added value services was the advice she gave on how to make the eczema better. Although it's not related to the procedure, Dr Vanessa went out of her way and suggested a few ways that might cure it. I still prefer the non-invasive method but if it doesn't work, I might take her advise. Yup, they have steroidal injections for lichenified conditions as well.

 It is advisable to clip any visible hairs 4 days in advance (to allow healing of any micro abrasions by razers). Apparently I didn't do a great job, so they had to complete it and followed by application of some numbing cream for about 20 minutes. I was only able to comprehend the reason behind it much later.

 The procedure wasn't that bad. Almost like going for sun bathing with a rather cool pair of sunshades and some zap zap entertainment.
Well, at least it was until they reach some areas the numbing cream missed. Then, it got REAL exciting. However, the team was quick to give some cold towel to sooth the area before proceeding. Well, it's too late to stop now.

 One thing I've learn about hair removal laser therapy was the laser used is depends entirely on the thickness of your hair. The thicker it is, the higher voltage they need to use and it requires more session because they cannot do it too many times at the same area. At that moment, I cannot help but to think "Luckily that little girl did not shave her entire legs!".
According to Dr Vanessa, ideally the individual hair should 'evaporate' as soon as the laser is fired but some stubborn ones require higher voltage and could not disappear completely. I had a few of those FML. Those hairs that grow near scarring areas need to be handled with more caution because scars are more sensitive to begin with. I had one near my knee from a childhood incident and they gave me some cream to reduce the mild redness.

 It's almost 1 month post my first laser hair removal session and here are reasons why I would suggest you to go for it.

#1  Those finer hairs never came back. Like NEVER.
#2 The stubborn ones? Thank god I don't have many but they (about 3-5 of them) grew more fine at a slower rate. Based on my observation, it has been so long and only grew 0.5 cm so far! Compared to the previous 2 bloody centimetres, I would say it's a YES.
If you are those lucky ones, you may only require 1 session!
#3 The redness or any possible tingling pains never stayed. It only lasted me up to 2 days at most.

Thank you Premier Clinic for the good riddance and hope this review will be helpful to those who had the same hairy fate as me.



Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Which Contact Lens Suit You | Biotrue ONEday lenses by Bausch + Lomb [ REVIEW ]

I know it has been awhile since I write review on lens,
so here is a quick one for today :)

 Tbh, it took me very long to finish my contact lens stock mainly because I am such a hoarder and I enjoy switching between different ones depending on my mood. Tell me if you felt the same too! 

Facts about Biotrue ONEday Lenses by Bausch & Lomb
- Each box comes with 30 blister packs of soft contact lens
- Biotrue ONEday matches the natural 78% moisture of our eyes:
Mimics the lipid layer of the tear film
Matches the water content of the cornea
Allows permeability of oxygen for a healthy eye
- Claims to protect against UV rays
- Claims to maintains 98% of its moisture for up to 16 hours*
- Diameter of 14.2mm
- Base Curve 8.6mm
- Made of nesofilcon A

- R E V I E W -
Before I begin, I have to enphasize that everyone's eyes condition is different and therefore, what suits me may not work the same for others. I used to think that the higher level of water content in a lens is better (typical Asian mentality) until I learnt more about it.

Here are 3 types of contact lens category
Low water content (up to 45%) – modern silicon-hydrogel contact lenses, used in contacts that are intended for continual wear. They have almost 100% oxygen permeability.

  • Mid water content (up to 60%) – hydrogel contact lenses, suitable for most users.
  • High water content (up to 90%) – hydrogel contact lenses for more sensitive eyes. Suitable for prevention of the dry eye syndrome
  • Basically any lenses with water content above 65% is considered high moisture but that does not mean it increases oxygen transmission. The more water contact lenses contains, the more difficult it is for oxygen to get to the cornea where the surface is dependent on atmospheric oxygen. Irreversible vascularization happens when there is not enough oxygen to reach your cornea, which explains fine red veins forming on the sclera. Those who suffer from dry eyes syndrome should avoid high water content lenses as it can have adverse reaction as moisture in the lens can draw the eye's natural tears away.

    Before we make any judgement, here is one more fact. The less water contact lenses contain, the less comfortable they are. So, moisture level does place an important role in keeping your eye free from painful red and dry state.

    Lenses that are made of Silicone hydrogel material achieves very high oxygen transmission regardless of its water content. However, this type of lenses are generally more expensive compared to other lens in the market.
    In my personal opinion, I find the blister packs of Biotrue is convenient to bring around, regardless of short trip or to any event. It claimed to hold 98% moisture up to 16 hours (subject to environment condition) but for me, it can only last me up to 6-8 hours before I felt any eye dryness. At times where I have to be out the entire day, I have to remember to bring along contact lens cleansing solution or eyedrops for fast relieve. At the end of a long day, taking it off is a wth horror drama as the lens stuck close to my eyeballs. Moisturing it before removal helps ALOT!

    As much as I hope to like it, it is most unfortunate the Biotrue ONEday lenses did not meet my expectation and my rating is 4/10. This is purely my personal experience and it may work differently for others.

    That's all for now.



    Wednesday, 4 October 2017

    Learning Self-Defence at Kelana Jaya | Elitez MMA [REVIEW]

    Hi everyone!
    It's a new begining for the month of October (with lots of invitations to birthday parties & weddings *watch wallet burns*) and for me, it's the time to sharpen my non-existance skills of self-protection.

    Having bad experiences during college days (knsyoucouplespretendingtofixmotorcycleatthebusstop & hamsapkamyulouatthepark) and me leaving MY next year (yup, it's now in progress), I can't emphasize enough how important to be vigiliant about your surroundings and learning how to react in case something happens will save you. Least buy you some time to escape.
    And TBH ever since those black days, I hardly go out yamcha or whatsoever alone because of my paranoidism with most people on the streets but finally comes to realisation that it cannot stay this way. So, when someone invites me to this Muay Thai trial class in my area, I couldn't say no.

    Heavily padded flooring for a less painful fall
    The place is spacious and very well organized with martial arts equipments, not to mentioned properly ventilated. Although the classes conducted here are more of martial arts based (Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu; super fun self defense class), the main purpose behind all of the classes is to Lose weight while learning self defense in a fun way!

    For a total newbie, the instructors did a good job in making you feel at home. The classes conducted is considerably fun in light atmostphere (NO hardcore military drills involved) and you will be trained according to your skills and and stamina. It's good that there are different levels of proficiency in the same class; you can learn a couple of things just by observation. Some of the seniors are also kind in giving guidance, regardless in throwing punches or powerful kicks.

    Fun and condusive classes

    I find that Elitez MMA is a family friendly place, where people of all age group can come together to learn self-defence; kids or friends. At the end of the class, you will be promised with some muscle aches in places you never knew existed. Hahahahah at least for me

    I swear I was throwing a punch!

    Group photo with those who are there that night

    The one I went to is located in Kelana Jaya area (Opposite Paradigm Mall, near the Kelana Jaya Giant Hypermarket, located right above a mamak stall. Hahahhahaa!!!). If you are keen to try any of the classes for yourself, they have other branches in Klang and Setia Alam as well.

    Location & Hours

    Jalan SS 6/16A, Dataran Glomac,
    Kelana Jaya, 47301
    Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Mon-Fri 3:00PM-11:00PM
    Sun 10:00am-1:00PM


    I find the classes is rather affordable (Just RM180/month and you can attend any classes as many times as you wish in that month) and they have 2 Days of FREE TRIAL CLASS for you to hands on before making any major life-changing decisions.
     (Please register 1 day in advance)


    Elitez MMA in Kelana Jaya branch is offering 40% off for first 20 people who sign up, so do not miss it!
    #elitezpj #elitezgfteam

    For more info,
    Facebook |
    Instagram |

    See you there!