Clearing Blemish with Eucerin ProACNE [ REVIEW ]

by - March 28, 2018

Do you constantly have breakouts?
Does it affect your confidence when people comment on the scars that is left behind?
Then we are on the same page.

I always thought acne should stop their rages as we slowly creep to age 30 (Harsh fact but got to accept it). Guess my perception was wrong all these time. It could be the inconsistent working hours that I am currently engaged to or due to hormonal imbalance. Maybe it's literally my face problem, like having combination skin. Anyway, I have tried countless acne products (some made into the list, others just got fed to the hungry bin after 2 uses) and I've decided the tips to a clearer skin is by keeping my skin sufficiently moistuse face scrub once every 2-3 days, not touching your face and try to remember to drink 2 litres of water.

Still some wild red dots managed pop up once every few days.
If only they have ears to how unwelcomed are they in my life

Nevertheless, Eucerin recently came out with a new product that promises clearer skin in just 14 days. Here are the 3 key ingredients used in this skin clearing formula:
1. 10% Hydroxy Complex                       
2. Salicylic Acid                                       
3. Licochalcone A- from Licorine extract

The ProACNE A.I Clearing Treatment was clinically proven to reduce appearances of comedones and painful angry lesions, anti-bacterial against P.acnes that helps in preventing new blemishes, shrink pore size and creates a more even skin tone of post-acne marks.

Well, let's see the results later.

[ How to Use the ProACNE A.I. Clearing Treatment ]

Just apply the treatment once a day in the evening (because it may cause an increase in skin sensitivity towards the sun, so practice protection throughout usage and 1 week after) on the well-cleansed face

[ R E V I E W ]

First impression.
Comes in 40mls, I am rather happy with the amount they come in because some other acne products in the market holds so little volume (usually discovered too late because you have reached home). I supposed it is so that there is sufficient amount to apply over the face for 14 days, rather than a spot on.

Color. Smell. Texture.
The treatment appears to be pastel yellow (almost like sunblock shade), smells actually pleasant of some lotion yet not too greasy after application. It's rather moisturizing if you ask me. However, if you have open wounds from pimple popped, there will be a stinging sensation which isn't too painful but is enough to constantly remind you until it wears off (It's written on the packaging box btw)

In the first week, there wasn't much difference noticed besides having less redness in the skin.
On the following week, the acnes doesn't pop out randomly as before and there is lightening of the post-scars. My skin condition looks less inflamed and seemed slightly improved. The enlarged pores however doesn't managed to show much miracle happenings, maybe it needed more than just 14 days.

Before                                                           After

Hope you find my review helpful in deciding the suitable anti-acne product for you :)


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