Turn-Up Color Treatment by APRIL SKIN [ REVIEW ]

by - April 23, 2018

It has been 6 months since my last hair bleaching experience before my trip to the Philippines (Click HERE to read more about my experience with the chemical hair treatment). Anyway, I am really undecided about what to do with the faded segment because it doesn't look attractive and due for some treatment.
Too short to cut, to little to dye. Not to mention of the cost too #kiamsiapalert

Bought a couple of temporary hair color treatments from my favourite K-beauty online store Althea Korea when they were having massive sales and finally tested the Turn-Up Color Treatment in GREEN BLUE shade
(Don't know why they are not bringing it in anymore but you ought to look out for it)

Certified original product from APRIL SKIN

The tube holds 60mls which is okay compared to MISSHA'S 7 Day Coloring (miserable 25 mls although the end product is satisfactory). I liked how they come with disposable drape and glove to prevent messy stains.

Proven new with sealed tip

The product comes out as dark teal paste and smells fresh like some hair shampoo. The scent does linger on until after 1 or 2 washes but I don't find it distracting.

Apply apply~~
After shower, I only apply the treatment on the bleached part so the color will turn out obvious

[ R E V I E W ]

You can see the original color have worn off after washes and is left with the bleached undertone.

The advise was to leave it on damn hair after shampooing for 20 minutes but from my past experience with other products; in order for the color to be more vibrant, I leave it close to 1 hour (No adverse reaction noticed from this action)

The color was more beautiful from what I expected! Mixed of blue and green.
It made my hair a lot smoother the first 1-2 days before noticing the hair texture slowly reverting to its original state. Personally felt the intention was more for coloring purpose and treatment was a one time off thing. Still very satisfied with the final outcome

TIPS: Apply the treatment directly on your hair straight from tube rather than the glove because I noticed the area of first contact tend to have a darker color. No idea how the science behind this works.


There is some color left although most colors have faded. My hair now have 3 shades; light blue, light green with slight bleached undertone which varies with different lighting. Still pretty to look at and it should last me another 1 week before fading of completely. My hair texture has reverted to its original condition and requires the usual conditioning to take out all the kinks.

RATING : ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I would repurchase this product so long I have the bleached segment with me. It's definitely an affordable yet stylish option for those on tight budget yet enjoy changing hair color on bi-weekly basis. I did not tried on the unbleached part for comparison because of my profession (sikit sikit masih boleh sorok-la) and also the color may not show and treatment effect wasn't long lasting.
There is still enough product in the tube to last me roughly another 3 times hehehe #kiamsiapalert

Till next post


Disclaimer: This product is purchased with my own money and not associated with any company.
All opinions are honest and solely mine

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