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by - June 19, 2018

A while ago, I was invited by my favorite one-stop k-beauty online store for an honest review on their very own latest exclusives; the Bare Essentials. As you would have known by now, Althea Korea holds many authentic Korea products that caters from head to toe at a slash of market price.
Perfect for smart beauty lovers.

Bare Essentials is a simple 3-step skincare products that promises lush beautiful healthy skin by giving only what your skin needs and nothing extra. Plus points for their minimalist design.

Bare Essentials | Contour Cleanser, Primer Water and Fixer Cream


The key ingredients to the Contouring Cleanser are Ice plant and Lemon verbena leaf. Known as the Water Storage in the Desert, the Ice plant has hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties that soothes the skin. Lemon verbena leaf on the other hand, besides having calm refreshing aroma, it holds powerful healing effects with abundance of Vitamin C, E and Citrus; detoxifying the skin from within.

A little goes a long way. 
This proverb fits perfectly with this Contour Cleanser because it foams up so easily when compared to other cleansers. You can use a Beauty Foam Maker or simply leather up a pea size of the cleanser with your palms like how I did mine before applying it on your face. It also has micro capsules that pops when in contact with water, gently exfoliate your skin before dissolving altogether. 

Although it is said to give a defined face shape after continuous usage, I was unable to notice any difference (finds corner). There are some blogger whom sworn on reduced face puffiness though, so it works differently for everyone.

I personally prefer my cleansers to be foamy type because psychologically, it felt cleaner (but some of these products can be rather drying to the skin) so I have to be very careful. Not only is the Contouring Cleanser very gentle, none irritating to the skin and somewhat soothing because of lemony scent, it also has mild cooling effect by methol. Plus point!

The micro capsules tend to dissolve faster when lathered up, so if you might want to consider using it with a little water directly on your face every alternate days for a more effective exfoliation. The Contouring Cleanser retains some moisture, so it's suitable for all skin type. As it is a very basic facial cleanser, you will still need to use your daily makeup remover. Still the RM23 pricing is considered reasonable for a 150g product.


The Snow lotus is considered one of the rarest and most precious herbs in the world, found only in remote areas of Asia. Once a favorite herb among beautiful women of the Chinese Imperial Court for its beauty enhancing benefits; brightening, fixing dark spots and superior anti-aging.
Together with Patented Dewdrop technology, the Primer Water facilitate youth preservation by revitalizes the skin with immediate moisture boost; prepping the skin for the next step.

I was all hyped up when I first found out this  skincare product is a 2-in-1; containing both toner and primer in an elegant-like 200mls bottle. Speaking of absolute convenience with looks!

Absolutely love the light-weight yet rich texture every time I pour it out onto my palm. The Primer Water reminds me of soft lotion which I find acceptably mild and not overpowering. My face definitely felt healthier with better hydration. Although I have yet to see any signs of Empress look yet, I am not giving up hope (haha)

Would you just take a moment to appreciate this viscosity ? ~

Out of all the 3 steps, Step 2 is no doubt my favorite! It may looks rather thick in the recording, but actually it's not. When spreading it out evenly, you will notice the texture turns to almost water-like fluidity and it takes only mere seconds before fully absorbed into the skin. The best part is I don't feel any tackiness or oiliness immediately after application, which is different from my expectation because most primers somehow or rather will have that tacky sensation. I sometimes use it as a hydration mask by soaking compressed beauty mask in the cover and it works like miracle. 

Final verdict, I would irrevocably repurchase this water energy. Only RM43 but with such high quality and versatile functionality of 2-in-1 (Oh, and no stingy sensation like those alcohol toners), I would say its a good deal closed. 



Last but not least, would be the Step 3; the Fixer Cream. Housed in a glass-like frosted exclusive container, this final step moisturizes the skin up to 24 hours!

 Trehalose is a powerful humectant, a natural sugar found in the cactus which helps them to thrives well under harsh environment of the desert. It retains moisture of the skin, after the work of highly anti-oxidant Wild Green Tea (preventing free-radical damages with skin soothing benefits). Baobab Tree Extract  is an amazing none-greasy moisturizer that double role as a collagen boosting agent and packed with highest antioxidant content of any fruits.

Personally felt this cream is also very light-weighed and cooling when left on skin (like the picture on the above). Although I do agree it is relatively almost none greasy when fully absorbed (in comparison to other cream based moisturizers), I am however very cautious when trying out cream-based products because simply of my combination skin. Most people may have it dewy, but mine would stand out like a mirror within hours. I think the Fixer Cream is overall a good product but it's just that I may use it sparsely (like after some thorough deep pore cleansing to give it some hydrating protection, you get what I mean). Still would recommend highly it to those with dry to normal skin type.

The Fixer Cream weights 50g and is available for reasonable RM50. 

Overall, I like the Bare Essentials (Especially the Primer Water) because of the light-weight yet rich texture and the simplicity of it. If you think that skincare is sometimes too much to maintain, I would say this is the right product for you. Sometimes, less is more. 

You can find them at Althea Korea under the exclusive section.
They are currently having 10% off the Bare Essentials set for RM104.40 (Usual price RM116) + a Free Beauty Mirror (Limited time only)

Contour Cleanser 150g | RM23
Primer Water 200mls | RM43
Fixer Cream 50g | RM50


I have 2 sets of Bare Essential sample kit to be given out for those who are keen to experience the minimalist skincare steps. Each selected readers will be receiving 3 sachets as shown above, plus a surprise cosmetic product from me as a little thank you gift for all the love showered. 

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