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by - July 13, 2018

Once a month, Aunt Flo will pay us ladies a visit.
Despite knowing her arrival means we are still healthy, but don't you agree that it gets us all drained if not worse. An extra comfort is always well appreciated, which is why its important to choose the right sanitary pad.

I have recently discovered Hersday sanitary napkins and it just turned my period game around.

Hersday's sanitary napkin is really thin and initially it did raise some doubts. However I was willing to give it a try because I know brand X can be rather heavy and bulky during my heavy period, not to mention 'stuffy'. Can anyone relate to any of those experience?

You know you have extra work to do when you woke up to the image on the right. 
Brand X felt soaked like it always have (I meant REALLY soaked), leaked as you can see and very wet upon touch *urgh*. Hersday on the other hand is much dryer with less mess to clean up. I am actually amazed because Hersday's sanitary pad is actually thinner than the ones I use. How the hack did it hold in so much?! 

(My initial intention was to make a short clip, but the file was corrupted *slow mo mode* and I don't have Windows Movie Maker anymore. So screwed)

Top to bottom | Night use 290mm, Daily use 245mm, Liner 160mm

Each Hersday sanitary pads has this blue piece of absorbent in the center like some baby diapers, hence it helps to keep our southern ladies dry during our most active days. Personally, I have no particular preference on wings or non-wings sanitary napkins but for those who prefer wings type for better adhesion, they may be more receptive to this brand. I found that the back adhesion is stronger in comparison to my usual liners and they don't shift off place easily. 

One thing I have to highlight is the individual napkins is so well packaged, that it's impossible to not rip the frail plastic. At least I can rest assure the napkins are 100% uncontaminated lol

Lift sticky flap to remove napkins. 

Hersday offers FREE Shipping and 100% risk-FREE Money Back Guarantee. Part of profit will be donated to Breast Cancer Community.

If you subscribe to their monthly subscription box before 15 August 2018, there will be a promotion rate for only $4.99 instead of the usual $12.99 for the first month!

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