About Me


  1. I am an ordinary girl, currently balancing between study and work.
  2. Love anything and everything cute under the sun.
  3. Enjoys drawing, art and craft but was never in the designing stream
  4. Also enjoys baking! I wished I have more talent though hehe
  5. Places I wish to go in near future
    • Korea again
    • Japan
    • Paris
    • Taiwan
    • Beaches and sand
  6. Currently pursuing my Bachelors. 
  7. I enjoy cosplaying, but stopped recently due to career commitment. May start back when time allows. 
  8. I am used to taking things optimistic, look at things at both angles before making further judgement
  9. Makeup is one of many ways I express myself  :)
  10. I wish to get a pet dog someday. Husky? Maybe a Pomeranian. :D 
  11. Having sensitive skin, I put extra effort in seeking good quality products and aim to share it with people with issues like me.
  12. I enjoy meeting new people and attending events :D 
  13. Hope to pick up a new language to go greater heights


  1. Believes that if you are willing to work hard, you will eventually reach there someday.
  2. Do not let your troubles follow you home from work. It's hard to manage but things come and go.
  3. Don't drink and drive or smoke
  4. Treat others like how you wish to be treated 
  5. Make a person smile a day :D
  6. You are special, do not look down upon yourself
  7. Love yourself, so you can love others